Culture is not a F*CKING document!

I care very deeply and sincerely about a companies culture. Before joining any company I try to find out as much as I can about their »

Why I don't want any free time

I'm a very ambitious person. Aside from my full time job (as a team leader at a demanding startup) I have quite a few hobbies. I »

The curse of being smart (...and other mainstream bullshit)

Geeks are outcasts Ever since I remember, I've always had this connotation in my head that brains go hand in hand with social problems or other »

My favorite high-school teacher, the pedophile.

We looked up to him. Not just me, but all of my friends too. He was our favorite teacher, our friend, and our leader. He was »

Luck is for losers!

I don't have any luck in life, and frankly I don't care! That's because I don't need luck. Those who think they need luck, have a »